Digital Marketing Executive

We are hiring a digital marketing executive - an outgoing do-er with the capacity to learn new skills.

The role is for a three month contract, with the option of a full time job afterwards, if you enjoy the role and are a good fit for the company. The role will will pay a competitive salary and comes with great perks, like a modern central London office, free drinks and weekly training sessions.


The role is focused around digital marketing, working with a key client, who are the dominant force in their industry.

The role is perfect for an ambitious graduate that wants to learn:

·      Social Media marketing, particularly LinkedIn

·      Email Marketing

·      Content Marketing

·      Communication

Each area of the role will be taught by Common Collective – we don’t expect you to come in with all the knowledge, but to have a passion for marketing and the ability and desire to learn!

On a day to day basis you will:

·      Monitor social media activity

·      Respond to leads and engaged prospects

·      Increase the online audience for each client

·      Work directly with company directors on content and positioning

·      Keep an accurate data record within CRM systems

·      Communicate with internal teams


Common Collective have the best product in their market and are now taking on new team members in order to scale the business in London. They have perfected their product and the processes to deliver it – and now need new people to help carry it out. A young start up that make decision quickly and react to things around them constantly, giving them a constantly evolving product which their clients love. Learning and Development and key for our client, and will play a large part in the role with them.

Use the email below to apply. The next stage is a short video interview, with successful candidates being invited in to meet the founder.


To apply, simply email your cv with a covering letter to