What working with us looks like

Worried you don’t know where to start with marketing? Concerned your not sure whether to employ someone or hire an agency?

You will have a consultant from first conversation through to completion.


The 4 Steps of working with us



The first stage is a workshop - typically a half day session, where we get to understand your business, where you currently sit and where you want to be.

Strategy creation

This is your marketing plan to get you to where you want to be. This sets out the short term and long term goals, channels that will be used and delivery partners.

PArtner selection

Now we have your strategy we choose your delivery partners together. This could be a mix of  agencies, it could be using skilled freelancers or it could be employing someone internally. We choose this based on the best fit for your business and the strategy outlines.


Most companies would wish you luck here and ride off into the sunset. Not us. We are committed to seeing this through. We will manage your delivery partners, report back on progress and ensure we have same page discussions about your marketing. This allows us to control all elements, much like a marketing director would.


Get in touch with Common Collective today to understand why good marketing is accessible for everyone.